there aren’t any memories or anything that I long to hold onto [kagerou]

It didn’t really come off as a surprise that she couldn’t find anything to hold her attention. That’s not to say that keeping her attention for long periods of time was a difficult task—in fact, given the right equipment—she could emerge herself in anything that found its way to her lap. However, today was different as she had, in fact, spent her day wandering aimlessly with nothing but her own thoughts to accompany her which, depending on what kind of thoughts those were, was never much fun. 

Her haughty personality was never something people found cute—that is, people who weren’t Yukinokouji or Miketsukami—as, more often than not, it often landed her in awkward situations and, to put the icing on the cake, it didn’t help her gain any friends either. For that reason alone, she had decided to avoid as much socializing as she possibly could for the sake of the people; after all, even if she had improved somewhat from how she was when she first moved into Ayakashikan, she still had quite the long journey ahead of her as her so called ‘bad habit’ still remained intact, she had just managed to gain some—extremely small—control over it. 


While she had been allowing her legs to take her anywhere they pleased, at some point in time, they had decided that their destination would be something that looked like a shopping mal and it wasn’t until Ririchiyo awoke from her somewhat catatonic state that she realised that it was, in actuality, exactly what it looked like. Needless to say, it wasn’t as though she was busy, so the petite young girl decided to wander around, entering from store to store and stopping in nearby store that sold quite the beautiful sets of stationary.

Of course, while she didn’t have anyone she was writing to currently like how she would often exchange letters between Kagerou when she was much younger, that didn’t mean that she had no use for it. The most useful thing she ever found with stationary was how it made socializing with other people so much easier, but if that was due to never seeing the other’s face or not, she wasn’t sure.


Testing the feel and weight of every different set, it was easy to tell that she seemed like quite the odd one. Who did such things over a few sets of paper? Well, when one is fastidious, it’s often the way as the very word was just a way to make yourself sound more refined rather than simply saying, “that girl was a perfectionist.” 

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